PLEASE NOTE next Tuesday, 23rd June, there are likely to be only a few running at the club as it is the HORTON PARK RELAYS, near Epsom, every body is welcome to take part, it's free and each leg is only 1.3 miles. Adam sent out an email on 11th May. If you need more info. get in touch HERE

NEW CLUB KIT:..Our vests are still in stock or ordered by Susan Noone, all the other items are now orderable HERE , images are here

THURSDAY RUNS are at West End Esher, from 30th April. Meet by the duckpond at 7:00 to run in the woods. HERE is a map


Facebook group page.


About the club :

We are a friendly local club catering for runners of all abilities.

All year we meet on Tuesday evenings, 7pm at Elmbridge Canoe Club

On Thursdays FROM 30th APRIL, during the summer, we meet at 7pm at the Pond on West End Green (Esher) HERE is a map. Meet in the pub there for a drink afterwards.

In the winter Thurdays are at the club at 7pm. (Mid September till the spring)

Weekends we usually have a club run on the Sunday, details on the notice board, unless there is a race.

Beginner Friendly – On Mondays at 6:45 or Tuesdays at 7:00 join our GREEN TEAM , 3-4 miles @ 9-10 min p/mile, led by one of our existing club members!

To find out more about the club, and a membership form, go to the 'info' link near the top of this page.

If you need any more information, on anything, well anything to do with the running club, go to the 'contact' link at near the top of the page.


Club Photos  updated 24/11/14 coffee break on Lanzarote